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HeavenOnEarth was born in 2010 with only 2 properties: my aunt’s villa at Sierra de Cazorla and my villa in Campoamor. That summer our properties were rented to European families coming to Spain for holiday. And we had a very good experience with all of them. All these families went back to their countries happy, relaxed and wanting to come back to Spain as soon as they could!

Some friends owning other properties asked me to manage their houses and help them rent their properties. I have visited all of these properties: all of them belong to close friends or to my family. At HeavenOnEarth each owner is in charge of his/her property. I work closely with each of them. I help them think about what kinds of guests will be happiest at their properties, prepare each property for these guests and follow up each group of guests together with each owner to solve any needs guests may have.

Hope you feel heavenly in all of these properties.


Pilar Giner

I was born in Zamora (Northern Spain). Due to my father’s job first as well as my studies and professional development, I have lived in many places: Huesca, Albacete, Murcia, Pamplona, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Orlando (FL, US). But in 1994 I arrived in Valencia and fell in love, both with the city and the entire Costa Blanca.

I decided to set up HeavenOnEarth after working some years as a Risk Analyst at a Dutch Bank, being Development Director of an important Real Estate in Spain and Commercial Manager at two international engineering companies.


Javier Giner

I am Pilar’s brother, but I was born in another “corner” of Spain: Huesca, close to the Pyrenees, near another of my father’s professional destinations. But all of my studies from childhood to university I did in Murcia. Then I decided to move to Valencia for University, and I ended up living there for over 25 years, working for almost 20 years as Financial Director of a large food additives company.

A few years ago, for family reasons, I returned to Murcia where I currently reside. I continued working as CFO in several companies, up until early 2017, when I joined Heavenonearth. I love this job for the opportunity to meet guests from so many different countries and cultures.



I was born in Valencia and have lived here since then, except for one year in High School that I spent in Princeton, New Jersey (USA).

I also lived in France for three months and would often spend summers in UK when I was younger. I love to travel and see new places and cultures.

I met Javier in 2002 when I worked for a food additives company as the director’s assistant of the Import Department. Now I am delighted to work with him again and his sister Pilar, and am always happy to help while having the opportunity.



Paco lives in a little town close to Murcia. His father built my villa and now Paco takes care of it. He is also good at gardening and maintaining pools. Paco is married and has 2 children.


Raquel is from Valencia. She is in charge of all properties in Valencia. She speaks English. When you meet her you will see how nice she is.


In Torrevieja you will meet Valeria. She is Brazilian but she has been living in Torrevieja for years. She will always greet you with a smile. She speaks Spanish, English and of course Portuguese.


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